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Guysssssssssss. I failed to post in FALL OUT BOY and Wiz Khalifa tomorrow. Exciting summer... 34 min ago by xlonerfreakx
I see happy couples and I resent the one who betrayed me that much more. 35 min ago by cactusofdoom
not dealin' I am not dealing well with my Aunt being sick. 1 hr ago by palaceofperseph
I'M IN LOVE WITH A WELSHMAN i can't even handle this right now. i'm such a silly american girl. 9 hrs ago by deadite
same-sex Hello, I'm going to talk about gay people now. Most people are happy about the decision to... 10 hrs ago by biblohip
Shed a tear for me... Avril Lavigne spoke about her Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment on "Good Morning... Yesterday by rv1501
Dream Fragment Of Canvas Elevator Flying Over Streets I remember part of larger dream sequence from last... Yesterday by resipsaloquitur
borrowed Yesterday by juke
hmm Got caught trying to make off with some food. *rolls eyes* I don't really care. Stealing from big... Yesterday by cactusofdoom
un-dead/not dead i never realized how much of my writing has been about one specific girl over the past 5... Yesterday by attentionreader
Adios, 20s. Yesterday by eje224
Okay so For example if something costs $300 it then costs $975 through insurance but you have to pay the... Yesterday by xRainbows4eveRx
88-yo Woman Defends Home from Cops Who Went to Wrong House... 88-yo Woman Defends Home from Cops Who Went... 2 days ago by rv1501
Truth is a Crime Against The State Paul Craig Roberts Prison June 29, 2015 The entire... 2 days ago by rv1501
Mother Arrested, Charged With Child Endangerment... Mother Arrested, Charged With Child Endangerment For... 2 days ago by rv1501
Time Marches on... Life is going to get busy the next several weeks! Today marks another anniversary of... 2 days ago by rv1501


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