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"Breathe like you did on the day you were born." Oh hey, I'm writing again. 3 hrs ago by tiredchild
oh gosh I just finally put all sorts of stuff down in a calendar other than on my phone. It's SUCH a relief... 4 hrs ago by almost23
just woke up from a horrifying dream, during which i was being persecuted in some terrifying society.... 18 hrs ago by morte
cigar stuff, and manliness Drew estate cigars is selling out to swisher. Yeah, swisher. the ones who make... 23 hrs ago by cornholio23
Alex's dad has ran off again, probably off to have another mid-life crisis in Europe. At least he didn't... Yesterday by deeterz
not "curvy" I've written before about body image and whatnot. Everyone has read a billion things about it... Yesterday by biblohip
Going Nowhere FAST ... I have been updating my career skills. Literally anything to do with Excel or... Yesterday by palaceofperseph
Boomer Blues I feel slightly jaunty today and I don't know why. A potentially bothersome storm approaches... Yesterday by dismh8
I feel like there is no reason to be homesick. I want to go away forever. Yesterday by dudetheregoesmy
The trees like torches, blazed with light I'm still irate and hurt. I also feel betrayed by what happened. 2 days ago by Saphyra16
smarts I used to be as smart as people think I am. 2 days ago by kingzjewel
Learn, cont. - Eat a meal and be done with it 2 days ago by hauntedwhisper
To go or not to go... Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is under fire for repeating a Fox News report, later... 2 days ago by jacksez
Coming Home Hi long-lost friends, I have returned once a gain. I have challenges to overcome now and... 3 days ago by leedman
I see no reason to change mine Out of respect for my Twin, I will not divulge details about what she and I... 3 days ago by Saphyra16
watching old nick stuff and watched "figure it out" Its weird seeing one of your first crushes again. 3 days ago by cornholio23


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