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借分享 這篇文章寫... 也很幸運我... :) http://www.aihe...…
47 min ago / @cathy +
A thought for the day... My, my, my... Didn't Ted have quite the hissy-fit yesterday! The Donald was right,…
4 hrs ago / @rv1501 +
Got my new do today, and am feeling fierce. Had an allergic reaction to something that caused me …
5 hrs ago / @myspacebarbroke +
Human Factors

*Posted from my phone so excuse errors. Not that drunk I swear. Heh.*


Slowly over the past couple of,months during my job search I have found myself gravitating more and more towards possible career paths that excite me… more and more. So I'll find one thing that looks really great and then as I'm looking into that I find something else that is even better and slowly through these little steps and bits of prior knowledge of myself and my abilities and interests I'm moving towards ideas for the future that are pretty exciting. 


It would be almost impossible to track exactly the path I've taken but most recently I've been pretty passionate for the past few weeks about trying to rev up for a career in market research. It seems great! But then through that somehow, I came back to the idea of human factors. Well, that and a book I got at the library about careers for your personality. I saw a Human Factors job listed a long time ago and laughed at it because the title seemed silly to me. 


But now I've come back to it, after being pretty enthusiastic about market research and even some looking into usability testing and UX research and analytics and design. 


I like things to matter. I like things to make an impact in a way that I feel is relevant and real and tangible and observable. That's what drew me to market research and UX. 


But now… human factors engineering. This is like… taking that to a whole new level. You do the research, you do the collaboration, you get a really sciencey aspect, and the goal is in the end to have this improvement that can help people in so many ways. 


It's so inspiring. It's so exciting. There's actually degrees you can get in this. And a career path. So many of the jobs I've been looking into have no super clear career path. Which would be fine but I don't wanna waste any more of my time. I'm ready to throw myself into something that I'm passionate about and I don't wanna be floating around bumping around Willy nilly. 


So anyway. I've been on this research and analytics gear for a while but I'm switching gears now I think up to HF engineering. 


As I'm reading more and more about this field… I almost can't believe it exists. I mean, I can because it's obviously so applicable and important but I mean I can't because it seems so perfect for me. I'm a systems person. I'm an efficiency person. I'm a safety person. I'm a “how can I improve this” person. And IM GOOD AT IT. I'm good at figuring that stuff out and making things work. I already kind of knew this about myself but if there is anything my current jib has taught me about myself for sure is that I have a real knack for seeing how to get something physical or mechanical done well or better. It seems like stupid little shit sometimes but coworkers have thanked me multiple times for how my input had helped make their lives easier. So I think this is something that not only interests me but also that I think I would be really successful at. 




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6 hrs ago / @divine +
Another lunchbreak chat to myself, Part 22... Having reach the midway point of another work day I find the th…
6 hrs ago / @weesaul +
Today i was sending original song clips back and forth with a friend and then i realized ive never sang or p…
7 hrs ago / @cas +
Stress I’m feeling a lot of stress mounting up, in almost all portions of my life. It’s not great…
9 hrs ago / @neonite +
Quickie I was gonna blog some spiritual and uplifting stuff but then I got stuck sending out a resume and cov…
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9 hrs ago / @divine +
OMG I understand the bear mindsaymoji now and I love it , thanks guyssssssssssss...…
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4 days ago / @hauntedwhisper +
Hello from Kansas Hello! I got an email that Mindsay was going to be relauched. Things …
18 hrs ago / @premierejan +
A view from the Poop Deck... FINALLY, a NASCAR race worth watching! As I've previously stated, I don't w…
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yesterday / @rv1501 +
Well if I do say so myself Mindsay, you lookin mighty fine ^love that we have a whit…
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3 days ago / @findmyincubus +

feeling scared about the uncertainty of my future, even though I know when the future becomes the present I’ll be okay.


I never handle change well until change actually happens— then I’m okay or at least I make it through okay.



This one is hard to accept especially because I know this change will be good for me.  Like, if I knew the change was bad, then my feelings would be justified? But right now I’m just being a little bitch. angry





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5 days ago / @hauntedwhisper +
The Great 27 Woo, it’s my birthday!…
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2 days ago / @neonite +
I bought lemons because a blog told me it was the grown up thing to do.…
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yesterday / @cas +
plugged in there used to be a time… (& that statement let's me know how old i am) wh…
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3 days ago / @morte +
Some more complaining. I’m already $120 overdrawn in my bank account. I am throwing applications around…
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2 days ago / @freakofnature +
What the gatos?!

Life is WEIRD. Just plain out weird. I don’t even.. just everything changed today. I woke up next to a beautiful Christian boy and found two emails regarding interviews :) Okay so teeeechnically, the change was developing over the weekend because I applied to hellaaa places lmao But also I met this boy’s parents and grandparents on Saturday then went to church with him, his sister, and their cousin on Sunday. You guys have totally read about him before. I just don’t want to jinx it so let’s just keep it mystical and mysterious :)


I must come off as neurotic because of how unstable (emotionally but especially financially lololol) I have been but y’all like, c’mon, after the last 5 months? My heart has been so tired of the chaos! I’ve been trying to pull myself away from it all and the process just happened to be a traumatizing roller coaster ride (aka literally almost dying) and yo, that is okay. Like, my rough draft of a life is better than an empty page. I think so anyways.


yesterday / @freakofnature +
Mountain Today has been very up and down emotionally, so I’m just going to focus on the up and ignore t…
yesterday / @neonite +
I had a great night. Alec brought me home a salad from a yummy restaurant and then loved me nicely…
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4 days ago / @cas +
Back to the Blog Nice work, Adam. (I refer not to myself but to the guy running this blog service. This thing…
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4 days ago / @schencka +
the unplug program today i logged off fetlife. i'm not deactivating, or anything. my profile says, &…
yesterday / @morte +
I decided...

to accept the job!


We really need the money.


She offered $15, per child, per day… so that’s $45 per day, which means $900 a month.


Which is amazing.


We’re actually going to be able to save money with that and I’m so excited and it’s perfect.

That’ll mean we’re making $1700 a month, $1200 after rent.


But this is given she lands her job she just interviewed for. Hopefully she will, but if not she wants me to start as soon as she finds a job.


Still though!


I’m so excited guys. ♥♥♥


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4 days ago / @xRainbows4eveRx +
Oh hell. Oh man oh no oh crap. Please just let this be a “late night feels” moment. I never wante…
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3 days ago / @freakofnature +
Not complaining about how miserable I am I had a dream last night that was in the same vein as the Hunger Gam…
yesterday / @cactusofdoom +
Anime: is the character gonna die? Me: I hope not Anime: oh! oh! It looks like she’s pulling…
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3 days ago / @deeterz +
Ew Being in a relationship with a known end date is kinda cool some days because you're like "Okay, …
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3 days ago / @hauntedwhisper +
George Kennedy, Oscar Winner for 'Cool Hand Luke,' Dies at 91 The burly actor played bad guys in such films a…
yesterday / @rv1501 +
Elephants perform for final time at Ringling Bros. By MICHELLE R. SMITH, Associated Press 10 hrs ago PRO…
yesterday / @rv1501 +
Last night I had a dream.

I always wake up right before the clock changes to 5:00. I immediately collected bits and pieces of the dream I was having. 3 hours later, I can only remember the blurred screen shots of what I felt the deepest. The dream was placed throughout my grandparents’ previous house and the house I’m currently living in. I remember I’d walk through the story railing bumps on coke whenever I could and when someone would walk near, I would hide it away. I remember there was a scene where I was in our laundry room, and I was finishing up line on the dryer when my mom walked in, and I scurried to hide away the contained under some clothes. I forget what, but she needed me to do something so I followed her out. When I returned (what seemed like) hours later, it was gone. It must have been like 3 grams and I was livid. Actually angry. I asked my mom if she took it and she said yes and that she flushed it down the toilet.

I remember distinctively the mixed feelings I got. The feeling of “I’m free, I won’t have to finish it! Thank you”, and the feeling of “Do you know how much that cost? How will I feel happy without it! You ruined everything!”


I’ve been clean since the overdose in the first week of April. Like actually clean. I erased all contact with any dealers I had. I don’t get the craving too much anymore. You know, it’s only on the rare nights when I get sad about nothing when I wish I had a gram or two… But I am so happy lately. No drugs, alcohol, or sex.. I feel like a nerd but that’s the best version of me. 


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5 days ago / @freakofnature +
I work with lovely people My workplace convinces me Jon Stewart was right, Bullshit is everyywherrrre&... wh…
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5 days ago / @chri +
Wine shoes I had perhaps one of the best birthdays this year. It was four days packed with traveling and visi…
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6 days ago / @c4fine13u22 +

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