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Star wars: knights of the old republic. Peace is a lie, there is only passion Through passion, I gain... 5 hrs ago by cornholio23
The GSU health center is useless. (health bitching) Well, I had an appointment yesterday because my wrist... 6 hrs ago by xRainbows4eveRx
Well, well, well. So, I recently had an appointment with my nephrologist. My blood pressure has been higher... 11 hrs ago by tiredchild
CNN has pissed me off. And it isn't why you think. First, everyday, I watched Jane Velez-Mitchell between... 12 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
Doc w/ ebola in NYC decided he was unwell after... jogging, bowling, riding trains, eating out, jogging... 13 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
Drat For the last few weeks, I've been feeling like HC has been really nice and respectful. A few snaps... 17 hrs ago by 1styearteacher
work and the Gospel In my Bible study homework this week, we are asked to consider Philippians 2:12-13 . We... 24 hrs ago by ladylily
A POEM CALLED COLOR ME IN! Finally finished this poem I laid down in November 08, 2013. I noticed I had not... Yesterday by rsuite
#life Yesterday by findmyincubus
"If I were to go away would I always look for/your beautiful face In every crowd /every place Or would I... Yesterday by yalcrab
I start my new job next monday. At 6am. Still not sure what we're doing for the wedding. I'm friggin... Yesterday by deeterz
5 conferences left. But I'm SOOO ready to be DONE! :D What an absolutely crazy year it's been so far!!!!... Yesterday by almost23
Humans do NOT come from Earth... Humans do NOT come from Earth – and sunburn, bad backs and pain during... Yesterday by rv1501
The Oldest DNA Ever Found Sheds New Light On Where Humans Came From Richard Ingham, AFPOct. 22, 2014,... Yesterday by rv1501
Call the Suicide Prevention Hotline — Get Killed by a SWAT Team William Norman Grigg Lew Rockwell Blog... Yesterday by rv1501
‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county Published October 22,... Yesterday by rv1501


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