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Stop taking pictures of your fucking food. Seriously. that shits weird. stop it. 1 hr ago by cornholio23
Drank a little bit tonight, cravings are pretty hardcore. I guess Im just learning how to do stuff without... 4 hrs ago by cornholio23
I'll put it to you gently Basically we women change our minds. Take note men, the best way to get a woman... 4 hrs ago by c4fine13u22
I am feeling so lost. One of my old co-workers, from the job that just shut down, opened her own... 9 hrs ago by chel2thec
Day 5 It was really smooth sailing today. I was doing well, til I got frustrated by something. then the... 11 hrs ago by cornholio23
maybe I do post these just so I can find a record of the playlists. 10.11.10 playlist: Asylum Street... 12 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
Getting back into the jist of things. Awaiting another payday while trying to be as frugal as possible in... 16 hrs ago by noodle32
G. Yamazawa Fan . This is a great example of spoken poetry. 20 hrs ago by 1styearteacher
Police Dept. Requests Facebook PASSWORD From Gun Permit Applicant Request violates Constitution &... 23 hrs ago by rv1501
time to light up the season!!! Yesterday by palaceofperseph
john's journey soo john ended up taking a bus at 10pm from cleveland to syracuse ny. by the time he arrived... Yesterday by morte
Day 4 Holy shit yesterday was awful. Cravings every second. Today is less awful... But now, I am hacking up... Yesterday by cornholio23
I hate the feeling that I need to have everything figured out when I really have no idea how things are... Yesterday by chel2thec
Life... the youngest moved back in with me a month ago.The youngest is till doing good. Only having a few... Yesterday by blueeyedtawni
Oh HEY Sometimes, you have to celebrate things that are truly, truly small, that other people probably... Yesterday by eje224
Meet America’s New Ebola Czar Zero Hedge October 17, 2014 This should fix it and calm the panic: ... 2 days ago by rv1501


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Re: Police Dept. Requests Facebook PASSWORD From Gun Permit Applicant - I believe than in most states, CCW...


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