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The genetics trait of hopeless romanticism The other day my dad and I were having our regular "aren't you... 5 hrs ago by c4fine13u22
GOP congressman pushes bill to cut off Eric Holder’s paycheck By Alex Pappas thedailycaller.... 9:05... 6 hrs ago by rv1501
FBI Visiting Gun Shops to Investigate “People Talking About Big Government... Report: FBI Visiting Gun... 6 hrs ago by rv1501
ATF Attempts Bulk Collection of Customer Data From Gun Stores Agency likely creating a centralized gun... 7 hrs ago by rv1501
It's raining nope. I don't know who gave the weather permission to snow 6+ inches today, but it did.... 9 hrs ago by biblohip
Worry Things I need to remember: Worry implies that we don't quite trust that God is big enough, powerful... 10 hrs ago by chel2thec
Half-off Sale Go buy my book! It's on sale for just a mere $0.99. Once it sells 100 copies it goes back to... 10 hrs ago by jakerad
Well.... maybe it won't be ok. Just got an email from my real boss saying she has some things to review... 13 hrs ago by chel2thec So there is this girl at work who is kind of a boss, but not really in charge of a lot, if that makes... 13 hrs ago by chel2thec
Just need someone to talk to. We are probably buying a second vehicle tomorrow. Which would mean FREEDOM... 15 hrs ago by further
Everything that kills me, makes me come alive Dear Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, Where the FRICK did... 15 hrs ago by Saphyra16
About to take Sienna to get two teeth pulled. :( Poor Bugger. She's also missing a field trip she was... 17 hrs ago by almost23
Well... I slept for 15 hours. Felt great. :D Funeral arrangements were this morning, Brandon's... 20 hrs ago by xRainbows4eveRx
Stop it OK. So, things are going so great with R. Why do I make things so stupid in my own mind. He has met... 20 hrs ago by almost23
"whole ass one thing" so i'm back to driving john to work in the morning, but only until the dodge is... Yesterday by morte
rain sendal basah kaki juga basah rain sendalku basah kakiku juga basah Yesterday by eyes

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Re: Wrestlemania. *sigh* - There are occasions where I will have a stupid dream where I do it with someone I...


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